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5 Tips to Shop for the Best Security Uniform for Security Guards!

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Are you looking for good uniforms or jackets for security guards? You have shown up in the right place. At Pro Uniforms, we are a one stop solution for all your security uniform and accessory needs.

We all know that first impressions count, and when it comes to security, a sharp, professional look is not just about style – it’s a necessity. If there’s a security guard standing outside your property, no one will dare to enter without your permission. Well, this is the power of a uniform. So, if you’re tasked with outfitting your security guard team, here I am sharing 5 smart tips to shop for top-class security uniforms for security guards.

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1. Know the Rules and Codes

Before you start shopping, do your homework. Find out if there are specific regulations, dress codes, or guidelines for your organization.  If you have questions about the regulations in your state please contact use at (800) 813-8738 and one of our knowledgeable Account Executives will share with you the government regulation information for the specific state(s) that your company operates in.

See what kind of security outfit will match with the organization. Determine the specific requirements of the security uniform, such as the type of clothing items (security shirts, security pants, security jackets, etc.) and any accessories like belts, gloves, and customized embroidered headwear.

Quality is important, but so is staying within your budget. Find uniforms that strike the right balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

2. Go with Standard Design, Customize Later

Usually, security guards have a universal or standard code of shirt, pants, belt, cap, and shoes.

Dark colors like navy or black are often the go-to choices for security personnel. Ensure there’s a clear and visible area on the uniform for official emblems, badges, and name tags. Keep the design simple, neat, and professional to make a lasting impression.

The strong effect comes with the security shirts or jackets. If you’re buying a uniform for the guard of commercial property, I would recommend you buy a simple plain uniform shirt and customize it later.

Pro Uniforms offers multiple customizing options to create a branded security uniform for security guards. Include personalized logos, badges, IDs, nameplates, prints, and much more. 

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3. Quality & Size Matters of Security Shirts and Pants

Look for high-quality materials like polyester blends or ripstop cotton that can handle the rigors of the job.

A right fitting is also a consideration and a basic logic. It shouldn’t be too tight, not too baggy. Take proper measurements of guards and select the optimum size. Before making a bulk purchase, have your guards try on the uniforms. This way, you can avoid any sizing or comfort issues.

Check out our custom tailoring options for security guard uniforms and security shirts

Nobody has time for complicated care instructions. Look for uniforms that are easy to clean and don’t fade after a few washes.  At ProUniforms, Inc. we provide many uniform options that will not fade and last a long time, this will save you money in the long run.

Guards work in low-light conditions, such as parking lots or event venues at night. Make sure that you use reflective strips or patches in the uniform to enhance visibility and safety.

Reflective strips and patches come in various forms, including sew-on patches, adhesive strips, or heat-transfer designs. 

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4. Don’t Forget the Accessories

Think about what your security guards need to carry. Radios, keys, flashlights, and notebooks are just a few of the essentials in the security uniform for security guards.

Consider, visit Accessories Page to check out all the accessories you might need for the security department.

Uniforms with ample pockets are a godsend. Belts, gloves, and headwear are also a part of the package. Ensure they match the overall look and provide practicality on the job.

5. Weather-Ready Uniforms

When it comes to security uniforms, durability is a non-negotiable factor.  Often the guards will work  outside, they have to face all the weather conditions. It would be best if you buy a Weather Warrier Bundle that has all the necessary uniform options for a guard that will be at a post outdoors.  Take advantage of the discounted bundled pricing, and begin saving today!

After all, guards have to be comfortable and look confident while on duty. Make sure that the cloth has good breathability, thickness, softness, colorfastness, and piling resistance.

Consider the climate your security team will be working in. Uniforms for hot weather should be breathable, while those for cold weather should provide warmth and protection.  We have you covered with different options for your specific climate.  Contact one of our knowledgeable Account Executives to get the uniform options that are right for you.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, pick a reputable vendor or manufacturer for the branded security uniform for security guards like Pro Uniforms.

Shopping for the best security shirts may take some effort, but it’s worth it in the end. Security guards play an important role in making our lives secure and safe. These people stay up day and night to protect your important assets. That’s why Pro Uniforms brings the collection of branded security uniforms and assets in one place.

When your security team looks and feels good, they’re better equipped to handle the important job of keeping everyone safe. Visit our website and start shopping today!

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