Security Uniforms

A Comprehensive Guide to Security Guard Uniform & Accessories!

Security Guard Uniform

Security guards play an essential role in safeguarding people, property, and assets. Their role is authoritative and full of high-risk tasks, so it’s essential for them to wear the right security guard uniforms and accessories to be comfortable and safe during the day. Wearing the right uniform and accessories not only improves their appearance but also lets the public and fellow staff instantly recognize them and understand their role.

As a leading security uniform manufacturer, Pro Uniforms recognizes the importance of fully outfitting security professionals. Beyond core apparel items, various accessories play crucial roles in everything from visibility and identification to comfort and functionality on duty.

This extensive guide covers must-have essentials to thoughtfully complete any security guard uniform. From headwear to outer layers and specialized gear, explore premium quality security guard accessories to enhance your look. Read on to learn what distinguishes the very best options for the job.

Security Guard Uniform & Accessories

Headwear for Security Guards

Correctly wearing the security headgear boosts authority of presence. ProUniforms offers various styles of headwear for security guardsthat meet local dress codes. The top options include: 

  • Baseball Caps – Breathable poly-cotton blends wick sweat. Logos integrate team identity.
  • Security Caps – Hi-visibility solid color blocks grab attention. Mesh backs circulate air.
  • Knit Beanies – Warm acrylic fibers insulate ears in cooler climes. Security logos declare occupation.
  • Five-Panel Hats – Structured polyester maintains a smart semi-formal look demanded occasionally.
Headwear for Security Guards

Choose colors/logos that complement your provided uniforms for a seamless professional appearance. Adjustable closures fit varying head sizes comfortably for all-day wear.

Custom Badges for Security

Identification conveys legitimacy to all who glance your way. ProUniforms offers premium-qualitycustom badges for securityguards that will bring a sleek and businesslike appearance. Our top badges include: 

  • Laser-cut 18-8 marine grade stainless steel resists corrosion, impact.
  • Photorealistic digital printing renders photo IDs, credentials razor sharp.
  • Security clip/lanyard attachment stays conveniently accessible, visible at a glance.

Customize with your agency logo, name, and credentials. Durable IDs bolster credibility as you patrol premises and direct inquiries. Constant-wear badge holders cradle badges snugly through active shifts.

Security Officer Emblems

Subtle yet potent symbolism identifies allies at a distance. ProUniforms offers high-qualitysecurity officer emblemsthatenhance visibility in low-light environments. These emblems feature: 

  • Woven thread fabrics for stability, dimensional logos.
  • Vibrant PVC/vinyl materials resist chemicals and flex naturally over shirts and jackets.
  • It comes in a variety of shapes, from circular to angular, matching your style preferences.
Security Officer Emblems

Attack on sleeves, hats, and bags as moving billboards drawing helpful recognition wherever your duties take you. Secure hook backing stays put through rigorous work.

Jackets for Security Guards

Layering provides insulation from elements without bulk. ProUniforms offers an extensive collection of jackets for security guards that are designed for maximum comfort, durability, and practicality. These jackets are ideal to wear in any weather or situation, ensuring a professional look and feel. The jackets also feature: 

  • Water-resistant nylon repels rain, snow while allowing ventilation.
  • Reinforced stitching withstands years of use without thread breakdown.
  • Reflective trim and logos light up under low light conditions for higher conspicuity.
  • ID placards professionally present vital credentials as needed.

Styles range from athletic to formal. Internal pockets safely store gear. Hoods, zippers customize breathability, coverage needs. Find your ideal look!

Security Guard Safety Vest

Security guard vests are essential for professionals who prioritize safety, comfort, and functionality. Highly visible vests bolster nighttime security presence. Designed from high-quality materials, ProUniforms offers a wide range of security guard safety veststhatensure your safety and showcasе your profеssionalism. The security vests feature: 

Security Guard Safety Vest
  • Retroreflective mesh transforms under car headlights into glowing safety beacons.
  • Convenient front zipper and pockets access equipment without layers.
  • Adjustable side straps customize to perfect regulated fit.

Solid colors pop day or night. Multi-directional stripes amplify visibility as officers monitor traffic, parking, construction zones, and more. Layer comfortably in any climate.

Security Guard Uniform Pants

Professional bottoms complete coordinated appearances. ProUniforms offers a premium selection of security guard pantthat aredesigned with a perfect blend of style and functionality while ensuring safety and comfort. It features: 

  • Wrinkle-resistant polyester sheds fluids, stands up to continuous wear.
  • Reinforced seams prevent fabric tears from equipment and movement.
  • Utility/cargo styling affords secure storage of gear and accessories.
  • Concealed button/zipper closures maintain dignity and practicality.

Charcoal, navy, and black shades coordinate with company colors—built-in belts slim silhouettes. Breathable fabrics keep guards comfortable all day, every day on the job.

Security Uniform Polo Shirts

Casual polos are smart, breathable options. Pro Uniforms polo shirts are designed to provide comfort, durability, and a polished appearance. It features:

  • Performance moisture-wicking fabrics keep officers cool under the sun or in movement.
  • Contoured cuts tailored specifically for security fields of vision, reach.
  • ID/logo placements maintain professional image standards.

Varied collars, fabrics suit varied missions, climates. Pockets and embroidery integrate seamlessly. V-neck pullovers suit warmer seasons. Layer easily under outerwear as needed on patrol.

Polo Shirts

Other Must-Have Security Guard Accessories

For fully equipped force appearance, consider additional staples:

  • Belts secure pants precisely professional look.
  • Ties, ties clips denote semiformal attire occasion.
  • Nametags, ID patches introduce officers politely and legibly.
  • Watches stay on-schedule through shifts changes.
  • Flashlights steer officers safely through night duties.
  • Embroidered garment bags protect off-duty attire.

Choose premium components meeting your teams’ specific policies while showcasing individual style. Present the picture of safety and authority in any situation with a ProUniforms outfit! We are your one-stop destination for top-quality security guard accessories. From security badges to vests, we have a wide range of selections to choose from. 


As the leading security uniform manufacturer in the USA, ProUniforms strives to comprehensively equip every officer entering the field. Explore our extensive range of professional and durable uniforms and accessories designed to enhance your team’s image while ensuring safety and comfort. Contact us directly with any inquiries—we’re here to ensure your success!